The zuppit app is free for both iOS and Android. Add and monitor any URL, view 'Ping' performance and track uptime percentages for available services (HTTP, HTTPS).

100% Free

100% free

There's no charge to use any of the zuppit features, even if you're using it to monitor your business websites.

Unlimited Monitors

Unlimited monitors

Add and monitor unlimited URLs through the app. Register with us now for free and unlimited access.

Push Notification

Push Notification

Add URLs anonymously, monitor them every minute with fully customisable email and push notifications.


It's the things you can't see that matter the most. zuppit tracks website and server uptime and performance from a simple dashboard. Track the performance and uptime of your site to optimise end-user experience and react quickly to issues.

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More Features

Downtime is bad enough, not knowing your site is down is worse. Get the full picture of your website or server's uptime and availability. zuppit's customisable monitoring app gives you more features for free.

Outage History Logs
Outage history logs

If there is an issue with a service, see when it happened, and for how long.

Maintenance Mode
Maintenance mode

Use manual or schedule maintenance mode to stop all outage notifications when your site is down for maintenance.

100% Free
100% Free

There's no charge for the service or app. No hidden costs. Just information at your fingertips, for free.

zuppit Features
Unlimited Monitors
Unlimited monitors

Register with us, for free, to register unlimited URLs to monitor.

60 Second Monitoring
60 second monitoring

zuppit checks your site's availability every 60 seconds.


Track response times and outage logs for available services.


Get the full picture of your site and server's performance. Track service issues, response times and receive notifications of outages. zuppit puts the important statistics at your fingertips.

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Some Faqs

zuppit faqs

zuppit is a 100% free website availability and performance tracking app. We know that it's what you can't see that counts when it comes to websites. With zuppit you can add and monitor any URL, view your site's performance and track uptime percentages for available services (HTTP, HTTPS & PING).

We will notify you if your site experiences an outage so you can take the necessary steps to get back online as soon as possible.

Yes, zuppit is completely free with no in-app purchases. Here at zuppit we are passionate about making people's lives easier and to help grow businesses. All we ask is that you register an account with us to have free, unlimited use of the app.

The data you register with zuppit will be used to send you updates of information that we think you may find interesting. These emails may come from zuppit or from our parent company UKFast. You can remove your data at any time to stop receiving these updates.

Whether you're a startup, a small business or host multiple websites, the reputation of your online business is important. Because we notify you as soon as there is an outage, this will reduce the amount of sales lost during a downtime. Downtime and speed issues also affect your ranking in Google search so ensure your site is running efficiently to reduce the amount of user drop-offs and increase your website's visibility.

A TCP connection is made on the relevant port. If the TCP connection times out, or is refused, then an outage is started. Once a TCP connection can be established, the service is considered back online. With PING, however, a few TCP connections need to fail first, this is due to the frequency of PING outages.

You can easily tweak which notifications you receive and how. You can access the 'Alerts' tab via the URL dashboard by pressing the settings icon in the top right. From here you can globally disable a specific notification type or open up a URL and turn off notifications for specific services.

You can also access a URL's alert settings via the URL menu. From your dashboard, select the URL and press 'edit'. From the menu, select 'Alerts'.

When enabled, maintenance mode will disable all form of outage notifications. If you know that your site is going to be down for maintenance, you can either manually enable maintenance mode or schedule it to start and end on a specific time.

Simply select 'Maintenance mode' via the URL menu.

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